The Ellipse of Newport, New Jersey

This past summer, we had the privilege of shooting the newly constructed Ellipse of Newport, New Jersey. This was one of those projects where more planning than you can imagine went into the shoot. We went to the location, came up with a shot list and really got an overall feeling for the place before going there to actually shoot it. It was very important that we showed the location as best as possible. We think the combination of the drone and interior work played a huge role as far as showing what you can expect when going to see this building in person. So much can be accomplished by combining ground work with aerials and that is one thing we always recommend doing to bring the place to life. For us, the most important part about this shoot was capturing the views from the Ellipse and the Ellipse itself at twilight. We feel like everybody see’s things during the day. However, when you show something in this beautiful, soft light, it really stands out that much more than we are used to seeing.

We have to say, this was probably one of our must challenging projects but also one of our favorites yet. The Ellipse clearly has some of the most beautiful views of the New York City Skyline we have ever shot and we definitely wanted to emphasize on that and its prime location in Newport, NJ. Sitting next to a park, restaurants, coffee shops and so much more, this building has everything to offer. We are so grateful to have worked with everyone we did on this project. For more on the Ellipse, check out their site!

Ellipse Jersey City NJ from Simply Visual on Vimeo.