The Solaria of Riverdale, NY

The Solaria of Riverdale, NY was a unique project for us where we really had the opportunity to get creative. For this project, we were on the phone back and forth with our client, sharing ideas and going through the game plan for the day of the shoot. When everything was all set and ready to go, we grabbed some breakfast and headed to NY for our all day shoot at the Solaria. The building is located in a beautiful part of Riverdale, NY close to public transportation, schools, parks, restaurants, bars and the beautiful Hudson River. We started by filming some of the parks, showed a little bit of family interaction and from there introduced the actual building.

The coolest part about this type of project is showing how people interact with the space rather than just showing the space itself. With people in the video, we get a sense of scale and can almost picture ourselves using that space before even being there in person. Being fortunate enough to work with a crew of people, we were able to create a lifestyle for this building and show what the Solaria is all about. Though this was a non-stop day and everyone was exhausted by the time the shoot was over, I don’t think we could be any happier with the outcome of the video. For more about the Solaria, check out their site: