FC Monmouth Soccer Club Reveal

Over the summer we received a phone call to begin thinking about a potential project for a new Soccer Club that was coming to Monmouth County. After living there for the past five years, we were excited to figure out what we could do to help FC Monmouth reveal themselves to the public as they start their journey to build a new Soccer Club. Finally, it was time to begin the project and with plenty in mind, we knew it was very important to show the beauty of Monmouth County. Here, the drone would be an essential tool for a majority of the shooting. As an introductory video, to reveal the FC Monmouth Logo, we set out at the best possible times of day to capture some beautiful scenery and some of the most important places in Monmouth for viewers to get a feel of the area. With nothing but scenery being shown, the voiceover creates a sense of mystery as it speaks about the bigger picture.

We are honored to have been able to do this project for FC Monmouth and we are really happy with the outcome of the video. It is important for us to always create smooth, cinematic work that really allows you to think about what you’re watching. In this video, we believe we did just that by focusing on using the telephoto lens on our drone. It is very common to see wide drone footage showing beautiful landscapes, but it is another thing to put the focus on one specific thing when flying. When it comes to aerial work, we know there is a lot of competition but when you can pull away from that competition and create a new look, that is something that we feel stands out to people. FC Monmouth has been working very hard to put everything together and they were truly amazing to work with. Definitely looking forward to doing more work with them in the near future.

For More about FC Monmouth, check out their website.