Nissan GTR Collab

A few weeks back, Tom and Ty were finishing up some work at the Ellipse in Jersey City, NJΒ  when suddenly someone rolled up and started asking a few questions about the drone. A few minutes into the talk, we came to find that this man also owned a drone and was interested in doing a video with his car. At first glance, he was driving Honda Accord and we were really questioning where things could be headed. Next thing we know, Jermaine continues to explain that he has a red, 2017 Nissan GTR . From there on out, we were talking business and figuring out what we could do to make something special for his car. After chatting for almost an hour, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch for further planning.

At the time, we were also in touch with Brett Anthony, another local filmer who is friends with some of our other friends. Brett and the SVP team all sat down together for a few hours brainstorming new ideas, locations and themes for this Nissan GTR video. Collaboration is not always the easiest of things, but with four good minds working towards one project, I think we pretty much nailed our concept. With a location selected, we planned a date to meet up, scout and pick a few spots we would actually be filming. The day after that was done, we were ready to get out and film. We woke up at 5:30 am to hit the sunrise and get started on our first scene where the car is introduced to the viewer. Yes, we actually set up a tent, had a fire and filmed Tom and Vin as if they were part of this whole car spec. Our whole idea for the video was that we should kind of question what is going on with the two campers in the woods, when suddenly they hear a strange noise and see a beautiful car drive by on the road above them.

After the car was introduced, we wanted to focus on it throughout the rest of the video. We shot a ton of rollers, aerials and stills and were able to show this GTR, a fast car in a very cinematic way. In the end, after all the collaborations and weeks of hard work, the video is all together and ready to go! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and for more about our buddy Brett, please feel free to check out some of his amazing work at

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