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Premium Real Estate

Premium Real Estate

This is more than your typical real estate video, we like to shoot our houses in the most cinematic way possible, showing what makes each home special. Every home has a different personality and we want to show that to your potential clients. Utilizing drones, steady cams and some of the most cutting edge cameras, we can turn your vision into a reality. Every home has its story, we would love to tell it for you.

Real Estate Video Options

Our premium video package offers a team of videographers who each specialize in a different area.  With a combination of cinematic aerial work and an interior full of details, this package is recommended for those who want to see a homes true potential. Ask about it today and we can get you a custom quote! We also offer additional services such as twilight footage, time lapses and highlight reels.

Every property has something that makes it special to a buyer, which is why it is very important to show these homes in the right way. We would never want to bore somebody with a repetitive real estate video that is four minutes long. We like to take our time when shooting because it allows us to focus on all the important aspects and details throughout the home. The best part about video is that it forces you to pay attention to things that you may not look at otherwise. When we cut to details such as crown molding, tile, flooring, etc., the viewer is able to take in some of the little things that are key components of the home. If you are looking for work that is more unique than the rest, we can help by making your homes stand out.

Advanced Photography

Photography is one of the simplest ways to show off a property. Real estate photography has been around for a while as the primary way of marketing a home. Over the past decade cameras have evolved more than even we could imagine, allowing that many more people to grab a camera and take a swing at shooting real estate. The thing is, it takes a little more than you think. Over the past few years working in the industry, we have developed an eye for shooting these homes. The difference with us, versus the others, is our creative approach to shooting a home. We like to approach it with our own style and show the details and highlights of the home.